Latest news:  As a result of our meeting with Transport Minister Simon Bridges and the demise of the proposed PPP, we are fully committed to ensuring a toll-free SkyPath for Auckland!  Read more below…

We mustn’t dismiss the Minister’s offer to fully fund SkyPath

August 1, 2017

We’ve had some push back from Auckland Council’s ‘Investment Office’ staff who are very keen on trying out a PPP, so we sent this open … Read more »

Great news! Transport Minister willing to fund SkyPath

July 16, 2017

Recent discussions with Transport Minister Simon Bridges have resulted in the opportunity for a toll-free SkyPath at no cost to Auckland ratepayers! Earlier this year … Read more »

Help us get traffic speeds that put our safety first!

June 14, 2017

Please help us get traffic speeds that puts New Zealanders’ safety first!   Make a quick submission by 5pm Friday, June 16… NZTA is updating … Read more »

30 km/h School zones and minimum passing distances for cyclists

May 8, 2017

Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds says the Government must act to on road safety rules such as 30km/h at peak times and … Read more »

SkyPath Trust is seeking volunteers to assist with our next campaign

February 10, 2017

With SkyPath moving into the delivery phase, we at SkyPath Trust have begun developing a new campaign to improve New Zealand’s walking and cycling conditions. … Read more »