Tell us where to land the Skypath at the Northern end


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  1. 8 April 2013

    Michael Pearson said:

    3 access points.

    1. (Main) At the dingy lockers on the Shoal Bay side of the motorway. Access from this point must then be provided to a cycle and walkway to the Akoranga Bus Station.
    2. (Auxiliary) Access to the Northcote Point ferry wharf. Access provided via Princess Street and upgrading the current steps down to the wharf. Access to the wharf via a non-stepped route would be provided by Princess Street/Alma Road/Queen Street.
    3. (Auxiliary) Access to Princess street, ramp access?

  2. 9 April 2013

    Y M Gray said:

    Run it all the way up to Takapuna and the Harbourside Chapel on Esmonde Road where there is already bike lanes in place; so east of the motorway. In addition, make sure there is bike lane connectivity from Stafford Road, Onewa Road and Exeter Road. The most important bit is to have this fantastic vista of the harbour from Shoal Bay and then the connectivity into the city.

  3. 9 April 2013

    Clare Logan said:

    I would love that there is easy access onto the eastern side of the Northern Motorway to connect to Akoranga Drive / Esmonde Road. This would allow people coming down from East Coast Rd to use the EC Rd & Forrest Hill shared use path down to Wairau Rd / Taharoto Rd / Fred Thomas Drive to get pretty easy access to the bridge. If the shared use path was extended all the way down Wairau, Taharoto and Fred Thomas Drive from the bottom of Forrest Hill, then cycle commuters to the city and school kids could get all the way from Rangitoto College to the bridge & beyond. My second preference route would be East Coast Rd / Forrest Hill Rd / Wairau Rd / Taharoto Rd / Northcote Rd / Akoranga Drive which would then mean a route on the western side of the Northern Motorway to connect to the Sky Path. Really don’t see myself cycling through Northcote to get to the bridge. Also as a cycle commuter, I would not drive to a park & ride location be it car park or bus terminal. If I ride, I ride all the way, as it takes the reliance on other forms of transport (and associated delays or lack of parking away).

  4. 15 April 2013

    Dan Brown said:

    I believe there should be several on-ramp options with the primary ramp for cyclists being Sulphur beach, coming through the tunnel under the motorway by the police station. Pedestrian access should be allowed via Princes Street which will allow walkers to use the Ferry service if required. Princes Street is a very narrow road and not safe for cyclists in large numbers. Entering earlier at Sulphur Beach will present a much safer option for cyclists and will relieve the congestion issues around parking at Princes Street and Queen Street. It will also provide a much more attractive route if the Sulphur Beach restoration and walking ramps are completed.


  5. 17 April 2013

    Kit O’Halloran said:

    The presentation given by the representative of the Northcote Residents Association at the Skypath public meeting held on monday 15th April should not be construed as being anything other than a personal opinion of one member of the association. The views expressed by this representative have never been conveyed to or discussed with members of the association. I am a paid up member of the association and I can advise that there were other members at the meeting who were equally appalled at the content of the presentation.
    I live at No 13 Queen Street and am strongly supportive of Skypath.
    My preferred option is option B because it has the least affect on Princes Street properties and could function without having the ‘Seapath’ connection to Sulphur Beach reclamation near the dingy lockers. Development of the design for option B should give consideration to widening of the path on the bends.
    I do not believe that the ‘Seapath’ connection is an essential component of the project.
    I suggest that there may be a case for the project to purchase some properties from those whose properties will be materially affected by Skypath, with the eventual on sale of these properties to the public.
    I am very pleased to note that the ‘elevator’option has been dropped. To have proceeded with this option which required an electrically operated elevator is anathema to the whole principle of sustainable transport.

  6. 19 April 2013

    Kelvin Spicer said:

    If you want people to use it, the bridge has to end at a point in which people can get to it. Most cycle lanes around the city and the country end at dead ends OR are forced into congested traffic.

    If the path is on the Eastern side of the bridge, then there should be at least two exit points. One at the top of the bridge near Northcote point. This way cyclists and pedestrians do not have to go to the bottom of the hill and then work their way back up Onewa Road (think like a train). The second point should be to continue the path along side the bus lane right up to the Barry’s Point Reserve area. That way the cyclists can filter out East, West, South (to Devonport) and North.

    If the cyle way / foot path is stopped South of Onewa Road, I personally would never bother to use it. It would be the equivalent to the Bridge to Nowhere.

    If it went up to Barry’s Point Road, I’d cycle to work.

  7. 26 April 2013

    Debbie Ross said:

    Princes street would be a good point to enter/exit the sky path. I think keeping cyclists apart from the main traffic on Onewa Road is safer! They can go through the quieter side streets and cut on at Princes Street, ahead of the main traffic backlog!

  8. 30 April 2013

    Kelvin Spicer said:

    The other thought is, with the Southern end. With all the altitude gained by going over the bridge, why bring the cyclists back down to sea level. Why not allow them to continue up the Shelley Beach road and on into Ponsonby. That way they are able to continue on to either Mount Eden, or down K’ Road into Auckland or Newmarket. Both the northern and southern endings appear to leave the cyclist with no real options as to where to go.

  9. 2 May 2013

    russell.malone said:

    Great to hear we have some traction with a Cycleway over the bridge. World Class!
    It would be limiting to have the track terminat before the Northcote/ Onewa off ramp. Anyone cylcling from the Takapuna side of the motoway or from the North would need to get access to the Skypath by crossing Onewa Road or via Exmouth/Sylvan Ave both of which would make the cycle hilly and lengthy.
    If the start of the cycleway was Akoranga/ Esmonde interchange the access could be gained via Akoranga or Esmonde which are both more easily accessible from west, east and north.
    Can’t wait for it to open!!

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