Chief Environment Judge Newhook advised that SkyPath’s consent would be granted.

At the conclusion of the Environment Court’s hearing on SkyPath’s resource consent application, Chief Environment Judge Newhook advised that SkyPath’s consent would be granted.

We now await the Court’s final written decision. The parties are due to submit finalised agreed conditions of consent to the Court by Friday this week.

Bevan Woodward of the SkyPath Trust advises “I’m very excited that SkyPath can advance and consider this to be a most significant step forward. SkyPath is a crucial catalyst project to improve walking and cycling across the region and in conjunction with NZTA’s proposed SeaPath will provide a seamless path between Takapuna and central Auckland.”

12 Responses to “Chief Environment Judge Newhook advised that SkyPath’s consent would be granted.”

  1. 3 November 2016

    Terry said:

    Congratulations guys! This is a huge achievement for Auckland. I can’t believe you’ve made it happen. I remember when you first set out trying to sell the idea to the relevant Councils (I was at the North Shore CC meeting) and everybody thought it was a crazy idea that would never get off the ground. I am really impressed. And excited.

  2. 3 November 2016

    Martin Brett said:

    Awesome news, I can now look forward to cycling to work at Auckland University from Birkenhead.

  3. 3 November 2016

    Anne Stephens said:

    HOORAY!! This is so fantastic. What an achievement.

  4. 3 November 2016

    Ian MacDonald said:

    Great news. Any idea of a time line.

  5. 3 November 2016

    Andy Smith said:

    Maybe 2 years.

  6. 3 November 2016

    Bob Campbell said:

    I must admit that I thought that this would be a long shot but the information kept coming and I started writing to local politicians and I felt that there was some momentum building. You guys were always encouraging. I couldn’t resist having my say. People like Penny Hulse put her opinion out there as did many other Aucklanders. Things took off and it started to happen. When I was 6 years old everyone in Auckland went to watch the opening of the Harbour Bridge. My three sisters and I could not go so we dragged a plank around to our front yard and propped up on a couple of bricks to create our own Harbour Bridge. We cut pieces of bamboo and stuck each end in the ground to simulate the Bridges huge rounded beams. We then placed all my toy cars on the makeshift bridge and celebrated the occasion. Your fantastic feat has brought back those memories. Now lets watch the progress of over the next few decades and celebrate your times. You now also have something that you will always remember. I look forward to walking over it one day
    My very best wishes to you all.
    Bob Campbell

  7. 3 November 2016

    Andy Smith said:

    What a great story Bob, thanks for that.

  8. 3 November 2016

    Heath Milligan said:

    Fantastic news, and great work — thank you for your persistence team! The family and I can’t wait to ride it!! 😀

  9. 4 November 2016

    Toni Walker said:

    Exciting news, can’t wait for this bridge to be built. Well done team.

  10. 4 November 2016

    Bruce said:

    Congratulations and thanks, a victory for visionaries, advocates, commonsense, locals, tourists, cyclists and walkers.

    I look forward to supporting your campaigns to encourage NZTA, central and local government to abolish the proposed toll, and the restrictions on users and operating hours.

  11. 9 November 2016

    Andrea Carvalho said:

    SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT!!! Congrats for the great work.

  12. 14 November 2016

    stella said:

    Thanks for your persistence, this will change Auckland for the better.

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