30 km/h School zones and minimum passing distances for cyclists

Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds says the Government must act to on road safety rules such as 30km/h at peak times and minimum passing distances for cyclists to help protect our most vulnerable road users.

Work Safe is promising to keep adults ‘healthy and safe’, but little is being done for children who walk or cycle to school. ┬áRoad workers have speed limits of 30km/h and these speed limits are posted in many city centres where adults work. Speed limits outside schools can be up to 100km/h, despite a recommended maximum speed limit of 30km/h at peak times.

When children head to school on their bikes, there are no rules to protect them from cars passing dangerously close on the road. Currently there is only a ‘suggested’ passing distance; 1 metre is the recommended passing distance for vehicles driven up to 60km/h and 1.5 metres above 60km/h.

The 8th to 14th May is Road Safety Week and presents an opportunity for the Government to act and put consistent road safety laws in place.


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  1. 12 May 2017

    Rose Lovell-Smith said:

    A campaign to lower traffic speeds around schools should not be necessary but is well overdue. I wish Lucinda Rees success in her campaign. The passing distances issue is also one which must be publicised and the safe distances promoted. This must be one of the most commonly broken traffic rules in Auckland – and that is saying quite a lot. But just one terrifying experience where an evidently careless driver passes you at speed a couple of inches from your right elbow has been enough to frighten people I know off cycling to work for good. So this is most importantly a matter of safety but it’s also a matter of children growing up confident about cycling and determined to continue to be a cyclist, especially to commute on a bicycle, which is what we all (andthe the planet) need to happen. Kia kaha.

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