Labour commits to deliver toll-free SkyPath!

SkyPath Trust welcomes today’s announcement by Labour that it will provide direct investment to deliver a toll-free SkyPath.

Project Director Bevan Woodward says “SkyPath has been in hiatus since resource consent was granted late last year.  The proposed PPP to deliver SkyPath fell over when consortium partner Downer Construction advised SkyPath was too small and unique to work as a PPP.

“Labour’s commitment of Government investment means we can get on with delivery of SkyPath without the proposed PPP’s 25 years of tolling SkyPath users and revenue underwrite imposed on Auckland ratepayers.”

The Trust’s reasons for supporting a Government funded SkyPath are:

  1. It doesn’t work as a PPP. Downer Construction advised that SkyPath is too small and unique to work as a PPP when they withdrew from the SkyPath PPP consortium in February.  The estimated cost of SkyPath as a PPP is $248 million over 25 years.   SkyPath’s construction by traditional procurement is circa $40 million (excluding localised strengthening costs for the Auckland Harbour Bridge).
  2. It will provide greater traffic congestion relief. SkyPath’s effect on the Auckland Harbour Bridge is to add an extra lane of peak hour traffic capacity. Tolling SkyPath will reduce the number of users and therefore its effectiveness.
  3. It will provide a greater reduction in greenhouse gases. With the Government’s commitment to the Paris Accord on Climate Change, it would be contrary to toll Aucklanders choosing to walk and cycle.
  4. State Highway projects are fully funded by Government. NZTA’s ‘SeaPath’, the shared path from SkyPath to Takapuna, is to be fully funded by Government, SkyPath deserves the same funding approach.
  5. SkyPath is too important to be a PPP test case. SkyPath is the most critical gap in Auckland region’s walking and cycling network, however Auckland Council’s Investment Office has been given responsibility for SkyPath and they only want to do SkyPath as a PPP.  This is because they need a project to experiment as a PPP which they hope could be the solution to Council’s future funding deficient.

For these reasons, SkyPath is not appropriate nor feasible as a PPP.  Responsibility for SkyPath should be taken from Council’s Investment Office and assigned to NZTA, who manage the Auckland Harbour Bridge and are specialists in the funding and delivery of transport projects.

1 Response to “Labour commits to deliver toll-free SkyPath!”

  1. 30 January 2018

    John King said:

    I concur with all the above Skypath arguments, particularly point 5 where the commitment of existing cycle/walkway networks is already achieved. It
    would be crazy not to include the harbour bridge access way as part of this project, not to mention hooking up with the commitments of other Councils
    in trying to achieve a cycleway the length of the country.

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