Government moving things along

The Government has asked NZTA to fund and deliver both SkyPath and SeaPath.  NZTA have advised the Government that their target delivery date would be late 2020.

We have advised Government that NZTA will need to acquire SkyPath’s resource consent funded by PIP Fund (through the underwrite agreement with Auckland Council) and the design IP funded by the SkyPath Trust.   NZTA is now seeking its Board endorsement.

We believe that having NZTA deliver SkyPath and SeaPath is the optimal approach and look forward to a successful delivery of SkyPath and SeaPath – as does Associate Transport Minister Genter: “I’m looking forward to having a cycle path across the bridge in the future so we can do this every day.”  Read more and see the pictures here.

3 Responses to “Government moving things along”

  1. 28 February 2018

    andrew Payne said:

    I cannot believe that its still another 3 years beforee we have a cycle path accross the harbour Bridge. This is typical of AKL Council and Govt procrasinating over a simple pathway. Talk of this has been onhping for at least 10 years – Labour Leader Jacinta promised that thios wop0ukld be top prioroty, clearly not. It takes 1hour and 10 minuts to drive 8 KLm from Parnell to Northcote to work and from work, it takes 1 hour by bus, as the Bus route from suburbia is always held up in traffic, then a bus from City to Parnell takes just as long. THe hearld did an excerise this morning from Delta Ave in New Lynn to the city, CAR, BUS and TRAIN took 1 hour plus, however Bike tookm 30min.

    Guys, work needed to start two years back on this so really dissapointed at this debarkle. When are councellors going to start actually doing something instead of worrying if they will be elected next time. Get the JOB Done !!!.

  2. 15 March 2018

    Jonathan Roe said:

    Get the damn thing built. Why is it we can increase a warf by 45m for a niche sporting event at a whim but struggle to build safe cycle and walking paths in New Zealand’s only real city? Take the Takapuna to Northcote ‘not so safe’ cycle route. These are public goods.

  3. 23 April 2018

    Mike said:

    This seems unbelievable under a government with Green support. We need better leadership on this key piece of infrastructure. My wild guess, it would take maybe 2000 car trips a day off the bridge. Some planner has probably done the numbers, it will pay for itself in many ways over time.

    This has become embarrassing for out city.

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