SkyPath + SeaPath funding of $99 million confirmed

SkyPath + SeaPath funding of $99 million has been confirmed:

“And what many Aucklanders might just view as the biggest transport funding news of all? The Government, not Auckland Transport and the council, will fully fund the walking and cycle route SkyPath, over the harbour bridge, and its companion route SeaPath, which carries on to Esmonde Rd in Takapuna.

They’re budgeted at $99m. SeaPath will be built this year and next, with SkyPath following. The whole project will be open by 2021.”

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  1. 19 July 2018

    andrew Payne said:

    Three years to be completed (what an absolute joke) – this has been going on since 2012. If our Mayor and those previously in nhis shows are serious about getting peopole motivated to get out of cars, this needed to start three years ago. As typical with politicians, Mayors and councillors like George Wood who was aposed to Skypath, nothing ever gets done.

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