NZTA paves way for $31m SeaPath linking SkyPath to Takapuna

NZTA has developed a proposed route for the SeaPath walking and cycling path on Auckland’s North Shore and will present it at public engagement events this month at six ‘pop-up’ engagement events.

We are excited to see NZTA taking leadership for the delivery of both SkyPath and SeaPath.

They have the expertise and resources to deliver the world-class walking and cycling facilities which we have long sought to connect Auckland’s CBD with Takapuna on the North Shore.

Find out more about the proposed SeaPath route and how the project could be delivered…

1 Response to “NZTA paves way for $31m SeaPath linking SkyPath to Takapuna”

  1. 14 August 2018

    Mark Yates said:

    Brilliant bring on SkyPath as soon as possible please

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