SkyPath progressing on all fronts

SkyPath Trust is excited at the progress being made to advance SkyPath on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Project Director Bevan Woodward says “With the pending transition of the ownership of SkyPath Intellectual Property and Project Knowledge from the Trust to NZTA, we are pleased with NZTA’s urgency to progress its Detailed Business Case for SkyPath.  We fully support NZTA’s objective to deliver SkyPath per the consent conditions determined by the Court of Appeal.

We are absolutely indebted to our consultants. Without their generosity and remarkable commitment, there would be no SkyPath project today.   They have worked over a number years, often under challenging circumstances without payment to make SkyPath a viable project –  a transformational project that is now consented, funded and ready for NZTA to deliver.

And NZTA’s progress on the walking and cycling link between SeaPath and Takapuna, known as ‘SeaPath’, is also very pleasing. NZTA’s Detailed Business Case is being put forward for approval at NZTA’s December board meeting.”

With the pending transition of the ownership of SkyPath, the Trust is looking at new goals to improve walking and cycling in New Zealand.  A key focus is safe speeds, for example: urban speed limits of 30 km/h and on rural roads 80 km/h or less.

Woodward says “We must reduce road fatalities whilst improving safety for active transport users. Safer speed limits are the single most effective and easily adopted intervention to achieve this. In this regard we have a challenge to get NZTA on board!”

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