We’re confident SkyPath’s construction will commence next year

As reported by Radio NZ, NZTA has demanded SkyPath’s intellectual property without any compensation. SkyPath Trust owes $1.6M to its 12 consultants who have over the last decade developed the SkyPath design in colloration with NZTA, Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Panuku Auckland, Mana whenua and other key stakeholders.

Thankfully the report by Radion NZ includes this free legal advice on whether NZTA should be paying for the intellectual property they want from SkyPath Trust…

Intellectual property lawyer Clive Elliott QC said it was reasonable for the Transport Agency to want to kick the tyres of the trust’s design documents – but there were limits.

“If we are talking about a specific design then clearly the Transport Agency can’t use that design without the trust’s consent, and if that’s what they’re seeking to do, they’ve got to pay for it,” Mr Elliott said.

We remain confident that NZTA will come back to the table and we will be able to agree upon the payment terms for NZTA to acquire the rights to use SkyPath Trust’s intellectual property and project information. This will enable NZTA to start construction of SkyPath next year.

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