Independent investigation into the handling of SkyPath

We’ve been in correspondence with NZTA’s Chair Michael Stiassny this week.  Unfortunately we had to tell him that he’d been badly misinformed by his staff. Yesterday he ordered an independent investigation into NZTA’s handling of SkyPath:

“I have received correspondence from the Skypath Trust today (March 7) which includes statements which contradict my understanding of the NZTA’s previous dealings with the Trust. I am deeply concerned with this situation and I have ordered an independent investigation to establish the facts once and for all.”

After 10 years of planning, we hope that this will be the breakthrough for SkyPath to finally be delivered.  Our goal is for Aucklanders to be walking and cycling across their Bridge by 2021. 

We are hopeful that the investigation will clear the air on SkyPath and resolve the current impasse on NZTA’s use of SkyPath Trust’s intellectual property. Hear the Radio NZ interview.

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  1. 1 April 2019

    Bruce Chambers said:

    I think that the SkyPath should be proceeded immediately. Why do the staff now think it should be slowed down. It will provide a link for cyclists and walkers across the harbor in the same way as is the case in Sydney and other oversees cities.

    Transit have invested heavily with cycle paths alongside the SH 1 motorway at Takanini so clearly they understand there is a need Whilst I do not live in the location many of my cycle friends do. Some even ride around the head of the harbor as there in no other way to cross the water.


    Bruce 0274944529

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