Calling off the SkyPath rally

May 22, 2019: We’ve had a productive meeting with NZTA today (our first meeting in 6 months!) We have agreed to commence a facilitated process to rebuild our relationship, to resolve the issue of SkyPath’s IP and support the new design put forward by NZTA.

On this basis we think it is appropriate to call off the SkyPath rally planned for this Sunday.  We don’t like to mess people around but the developments today came as a surprise – and ironically as a result of our plan to rally.  We now welcome the opportunity to work with NZTA to help deliver a remarkable facility for Auckland.

We know many people will be disappointed by our decision but hope you can understand.

2 Responses to “Calling off the SkyPath rally”

  1. 26 November 2019

    Duncan said:

    another 6 months goes by. …. has anything happened, is Skypath fighting over getting paid out for the resource consent? Central govt needs to take charge of this and just get started building it.

  2. 26 November 2019

    Bevan Woodward said:

    NZTA are progressing SkyPath & SeaPath per:

    NZTA – AHB Shared Path (SIA) – NZTA-2079 : Auckland Harbour Bridge Shared Path Project (SIA)

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