Our Partners

SkyPath has been initiated and developed by the SkyPath Trust with the contribution of substantial assistance, support and professional input from many key agencies, consultants, and individuals.

A number of Auckland and national agencies have contributed to the development and understanding of the SkyPath project.

In addition, generous pro-bono support has enabled us to offer a world-class professional presentation of the case for SkyPath.   Akina Foundation and their Compass Network have been important enablers of significant support and advice.

The Ministry for the Environment assisted with a community grant in 2013 which enabled further project planning and community consultation.

The belief of thousands of Aucklanders in the SkyPath project has been the foundation of the project from the beginning.


NZTA has provided approximately $600,000 to fund the initial engineering and design work to develop the SkyPath solution.  NZTA regards SkyPath as its preferred option for walking and cycling access across Waitemata Harbour.

Auckland Council

Councillors have agreed to continue investigation of the proposed funding arrangements, and Mayor Len Brown has made SkyPath part of his top 6 strategic goals in 2014.  Council funded the resource consenting of SkyPath at a cost of $1.9m + GST.

Waterfront Auckland

We have worked with Waterfront Auckland to ensure integration with the Westhaven walking and cycling promenade between the Wynyard Quarter and SkyPath.


Support for potential partners, naming rights and marketing strategy and product plan.

Auckland Transport

AT have played and will continue to play an important advisory role to assist Council’s understanding of SkyPath.

Beca Infrastructure

We have worked with AHB engineers Beca Infrastructure to ensure our engineering meets NZTA requirements.

WT Partnership

SkyPath cost estimates.

The Akina Foundation

The Akina Foundation have been a major source of support, advice and assistance with funding for the Trust.


KPMG have assisted with advice on details of the proposal joint venture between The PIP Fund, The Trust and Auckland Council.

Russell McVeagh

Legal advice on many complex issues.

Heart of the City

Support and advice on issues relating to Auckland’s city centre.

Ministry for the Environment

Community grant of $197,000 + GST to progress project management and planning, and community and public consultation.


Consultation and guidance to facilitate the design of the Northern and Southern Landings of SkyPath 

Our thanks to the many thousands of Aucklanders who have supported SkyPath and who understand the importance of this project