For the media

Download high quality images of the SkyPath design here and the computer animation fly-thru of SkyPath here.  Please credit Reset Urban Design when using these images.    

In the media

Recent news on the Skypath. Can we build it, yes we can Newshub, 24 August 2018 Government pledges $67m to build SkyPath Newshub, 23 August 2018 Transport agency paves way for $31m cycleway linking to SkyPath NZ Herald, 3 August 2018 Governments Big New Spending plans

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SkyPath a ‘real game changer’ – Mayor

NZ Herald, 18 February 2014. “The SkyPath will be Auckland’s first public private partnership (PPP) and will eventually enable a great vision: a cycle and walking path stretching from St Heliers to Devonport. This will act as a real game changer for building pedestrian and cycleways around our city. This …

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