SkyPath Trust is seeking volunteers to assist with our next campaign

With SkyPath moving into the delivery phase, we at SkyPath Trust have begun developing a new campaign to improve New Zealand’s walking and cycling conditions.

We’d like to invite volunteers who are willing to assist with the campaign’s development.  Skills such as Communications, Graphic Design, Social Media or Web site design would be terrific but also people with great enthusiasm for the cause would be most welcome!

To find out more, please contact us.   We’d appreciate the chance to discuss our new campaign with you.

Regards…   Andy & Bevan

Environment Court formally grants SkyPath’s resource consent

We’re pleased to advise that the Environment Court has formally granted SkyPath’s resource consent. We are particularly grateful to the PIP Fund and Auckland Council for enabling this outcome.

As the SkyPath project moves into delivery phase, the SkyPath Trust’s role will change from “project champion” to project steering group member. However the Trust recognises that for greater walking and cycling across NZ, there are some significant challenges to be addressed:

  1. Sensible speeds; traffic speeds on our urban and rural roads should enable safe walking and cycling
  2. Smarter spending; appropriate investment in walking and cycling, we believe that this should be in the range of 5 – 7% of the annual transport budget
  3. Safer spaces; improved design standards for walking and cycling provision, and a minimum passing distance of 1.5m (between vehicle and cyclists) made law.


We will be raising these challenges with Transport Minister Simon Bridges and expect to meet him in the New Year to discuss the way forward.

Chief Environment Judge Newhook advised that SkyPath’s consent would be granted.

At the conclusion of the Environment Court’s hearing on SkyPath’s resource consent application, Chief Environment Judge Newhook advised that SkyPath’s consent would be granted.

We now await the Court’s final written decision. The parties are due to submit finalised agreed conditions of consent to the Court by Friday this week.

Bevan Woodward of the SkyPath Trust advises “I’m very excited that SkyPath can advance and consider this to be a most significant step forward. SkyPath is a crucial catalyst project to improve walking and cycling across the region and in conjunction with NZTA’s proposed SeaPath will provide a seamless path between Takapuna and central Auckland.”

Northcote Point proposed parking scheme update by AT

Here’s an update provided by Auckland Transport (AT) on the Northcote Point proposed parking scheme:

AT received 343 feedback submissions in total. After considering the feedback received, the following decisions were made for the three areas within Northcote Point:

In Area 1 (Wharf and Lower Queen Street), we have decided to implement the loading zone outside of The Wharf events venue immediately. If SkyPath goes ahead we will:

· implement the proposed P240 time restrictions and the pick-up/drop-off spaces for the opening day of SkyPath, or when construction begins if there is an impact on this area.

· implement 8-10 T2 (carpool) parking spaces for the opening day of SkyPath (following consultation with The Wharf events venue).

We will also investigate whether additional parallel parking could be provided on the eastern kerb of Queen Street, just south of the roundabout.

In Area 2 (Residential), we have decided that closer to the opening of SkyPath, we will re-consult on an amended proposal for the area with a reduced area of P60 time restrictions on approximately 20% of each street. The reduced area would cover all streets south of Duke Street. After SkyPath has been operational for three months, we will assess any impacts on parking. If significant parking pressures eventuate under the amended proposal, we will re-consult on the Residential Parking Zone option (under an expedited process), with a view to implement it as quickly as possible if supported.

It is important to note, SkyPath’s consent conditions will limit the number of people who can use SkyPath in the first few months to reduce the impact on the community. The proposed SkyPath consent conditions require a substantial level of monitoring of traffic movements and parking effects at each end of SkyPath, as well as consultation with various stakeholders and residents. This should ensure that if any issues are identified with traffic generation, these issues can be addressed with specific measures, implemented at the consent holders cost.

In Area 3 (Northcote Point shops), if SkyPath goes ahead and has been operational for three months, we will assess any impacts on parking then. If significant parking pressures eventuate after this period, we will re-consult on the proposed restrictions with a view to implement them as quickly as possible if supported. We will investigate opportunities for additional P180 time restrictions around the Bridgeway Theatre, and include this option in any future public consultation. We will also investigate opportunities for additional mobility parking regardless of whether SkyPath goes ahead.

If you would like detailed information about the feedback received, please read our public feedback and decisions report on the project webpage .