SeaPath engagement update from NZTA

KEY OUTCOMES FROM SeaPath ENGAGEMENT held in August 2018…
› Strong support for the SeaPath and SkyPath projects to work closely together on delivery timeframes.
› Concern about the impact of large numbers of cyclists on Northcote Point local streets.
› Long overdue – get on with SkyPath and SeaPath.
› Main use of SeaPath will be commuting (assuming SkyPath) and recreation.
› Concerns about safety issues at interface with local roads.

Detailed business case and consenting due to be completed next year.  SeaPath to be delivered in 2021.

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Safety is top priority for SkyPath

Public safety is the heart of the $67 million SkyPath cycleway and walkway over the Auckland Harbour Bridge, says Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

The greatest possible rigour will be brought to bear on the safety and the resilience of the structure, he said.

Twyford was speaking in Auckland today where he and Greens co-leader James Shaw announced a $390m, three-year cycling and walking package across the country and reiterated the Government will fully fund SkyPath.

Bevan Woodward, who has been actively fronting SkyPath since 2004, said politics had affected what seemed like a no-brainer.  “If we still had a National Government it would not have been funded. Now with the change of Government I sit back and just watch the whole thing move forward as if it is the most obvious thing since the invention of the wheel

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Government to deliver SkyPath by 2021

The Government has announced a three-year $390 million package for walking and cycling today and repeated a commitment to fully fund the Skypath project over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Labour committed up to $30m for the SkyPath cycle and walkway across the bridge at last year’s election, but recent figures put the cost at $67m.

SkyPath will be connected with SeaPath, a 3km cycle and walkway from Northcote Pt and along the motorway to Esmonde Rd in Takapuna at a combined cost of $99 million.

Both projects are due to be completed by 2021.  🙂

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NZTA paves way for $31m SeaPath linking SkyPath to Takapuna

NZTA has developed a proposed route for the SeaPath walking and cycling path on Auckland’s North Shore and will present it at public engagement events this month at six ‘pop-up’ engagement events.

We are excited to see NZTA taking leadership for the delivery of both SkyPath and SeaPath.

They have the expertise and resources to deliver the world-class walking and cycling facilities which we have long sought to connect Auckland’s CBD with Takapuna on the North Shore.

Find out more about the proposed SeaPath route and how the project could be delivered…

GPS 2018 gives green light to SkyPath + SeaPath

The Government Policy Statement released today specifically includes the SkyPath and SeaPath projects, which deliver the “critical missing links in the urban cycle network in areas of high demand… ….between Auckland’s North Shore and City Centre”. [Page 17]

Project Director Bevan Woodward says “SkyPath and SeaPath will be transformational for Auckland. They provide an alternative to commuters sitting in congestion, new opportunities for recreation and a reason for tourists to spend an extra day in Auckland. ”

“And even more significantly, SkyPath and SeaPath will help ensure we reach the tipping point for walking and cycling in Auckland. For decades these modes have been neglected by our transport authorities. Given the mounting issues for transport of too many vehicles, CO2 emissions, air pollution, poor health outcomes, road danger and community severance, it is walking and cycling in conjunction with enhanced public transport that will play a major role in delivering on the Government’s objective of achieving a safe, efficient and sustainable transport system.”

“In terms of getting SkyPath and SeaPath delivered, we’re pleased to see NZTA stepping up to the job. They have the skills and experience of managing the Auckland Harbour Bridge and we look forward to working with them to expedite SkyPath and SeaPath.”