Andy Smith


Andy Smith brings to the Trust the experience of a software developer for 35 years and the passion of a, now full time, walking advocate.

His computer work was in many industries including Insurance, Finance, Fund management, Telecommunications, Animal Health, Uranium Extraction, Brewing and Accounting. ‘When you write software you must first know that industry’. He gained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing and Finance at the University of Technology, Sydney in the 1980s.
For the past 15 years Andy in Auckland has chosen workplaces and homes so he can walk between them. This created an interest in all things to do with urban walking and when he saw that Living Streets Aotearoa had the same interest, he joined. Retiring from paid work at the age of 53 he retrained for the Not For Profit (NFP) sector and gained a Graduate Diploma in NFP management in 2010. Now he is President of Living Streets Aotearoa, is on the Auckland Councils Consensus Building group and is involved with other community walking projects

When Bevan mentioned the idea of building a walkway cycleway over the Harbour Bridge I immediately saw the benefits, joined him and expected it to be an easy job. How wrong I was as people willing to help were bullied aside and the dominance of the car culture was put firmly first. Now we are getting close, more are joining in the dream and soon walking on our bridge will be as normal as a walk in the park.

Since being a small child I have been fascinated by the fact of putting one foot in front of the other you can move around.

Walking, its the first thing we learn and the last thing we want to give up.