Bevan Woodward

Project Director & Trustee

Bevan is the Project Director for SkyPath. Bevan’s work with BetterWorld NZ includes a wide range of sustainable transport consultancy. He has worked towards the goal of walking and cycling across the AHB for more than 10 years, along with many other initiatives to improve transport choice for Aucklanders. Bevan originally trained as a chartered accountant at Otago and more recently undertook post-graduate studies in marketing through Massey and transportation at Canterbury University.

“In this era of climate change and rising fuel prices, it’s time Auckland became a city that is safe and pleasant for walking and cycling. SkyPath is the flagship project to make this happen.

SkyPath doesn’t just resolve the most critical gap in Auckland’s walking and cycling network, it transforms the Auckland Bridge into a catalyst for region-wide active transport networks and will provide recreational and tourism benefits for generations of Aucklanders.

This is my 12th year of working on this project and whilst we haven’t yet achieved our goal, we are changing the attitudes of politicians and transport planners in regards to walking and cycling in Auckland. They are starting to realise that not every transport problem is solved by more road building and that a liveable city must provide safe and pleasant walking and cycling.”