Christine Rose

Chair of Trustees

Christine Rose is an environmental and political activist with particular passion for marine conservation, sustainability, the arts and public transport. She puts her beliefs into practice through campaigning, education, community development, awareness raising and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Christine has a political background, with 15 years in local and regional government. She has been Deputy Mayor of Rodney District Council, Deputy Chair of the Auckland Regional Council, and Chair of the Auckland Regional Council’s Transport and Urban Development Committee and the Regional Transport Committee. She has run many campaigns to raise awareness and to apply political pressure for better protection for Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins, for community arts, improved cycling provisions and abetter planet.

Christine loves the ocean, and spends summers kayaking, camping, tramping and bike riding in the great outdoors.
Christine has degrees in Politics and Philosophy from Auckland University including First Class Honours. She is a member and supporter of many Non-Governmental organisations such as Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and the Native Forest Action.

Christine can be contacted at, or you can follow her on facebook: or tumblr:

Christine is inspired by the SkyPath initiative by her love of cycling as transport, recreation, and for fitness and fun, and motivated by the belief that Auckland needs to be connected by this walking and cycling route. “Auckland is a beautiful and balmy city, perfect for walking and cycling. The SkyPath project is a ‘missing’ and critical link that will join the central and Northern suburbs, and showcase the beauty of our built form and our magnificent harbour.”