After extensive public consultation, SkyPath’s resource consent application was granted in December 2016.


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  1. 18 February 2014

    Suzanne said:

    AWESOME idea, it’s about time 🙂

  2. 18 February 2014

    Camryn said:

    With some improvements to the path between Northcote Tennis Club (on Lake Rd) and Onepoto Domain there could be another excellent “feed” of pedestrians and cyclists onto the SkyPath (by removing the need to go uphill to Onewa Rd just to go downhill again from there) assuming there’s going to be more ways to get across the motorway and onto the “SeaPath”. If not, there really should be… don’t let the motorway block this from Northcote, Hillcrest, etc.

  3. 19 February 2014

    Alex Berryman said:

    I am an expat NZer and Landscape Architect who has lived in New York City for the last 20 years and have designed multi-use Greenway paths for this highly urbanized city. I support the Skypath concept for the bridge. My only concern is that the unrelenting noise of passing vehicles on the bridge could have a punishing sensory affect on any user of the Skypath. If it hasn’t been investigated already I suggest some kind of sound barrier or baffle system between the roadway and path to mitigate this intense noise.

  4. 19 February 2014

    cathy james said:

    absolutely must go ahead. its 20++++ years behind needing it already. I support this project for my grandchildren and their futures. I would walk across the bridge as indeed I have done a few times in the past. my 17yr old disabled grandson would ride across. it would open up to riding around the harbour and crossing on the existing two bridges. it would instantly decrease congestion at peak hour with city commuters been able to ride/walk instead of struggling with hours of sitting in vehicles. parking in city would become available due to not having a car to park.
    there would have to be at either end large commuter car parks for those travelling from further afield.
    it will open Auckland up in ways not even mentioned. most world cities have walking options on bridges.
    I could go on about pollution but those issues are a no brainer really. remove the cars, remove the pollution
    increase the health of people.
    get people walking
    get people riding
    the impact on improved health has far reaching monetary value in regard to hospital budgets, learning if a student, etc.
    open Auckland to all

  5. 21 March 2014

    Janette Miller said:

    While this sounds a brilliant idea the problem is access especially via Onewa Road/Queen St. Up to 5000 trip per day are expected but not all of these will be by cyclists. For sightseers 39% are expected to drive and 26% by bus there is the problem of parking as already Northcote Point is already overparked.

    The other problem is access to Onewa Rd. This is already a nightmare in the morning rush hour. In fact residents are virtually locked in until 9am unless one wants up to an hour’s wait. Northcote Point is a heritage area and not made for heavy traffic. At present the most recent SP presentation confirmed that NO provision has been made for any parking of cars or buses.

    No heritage impact assessment has been done.

    The Skypath itself is not the problem, access to the Sky path is. If in the future 1 to 5 hours wait onto the Onewa Rd is reached then few people will have the time to spare to use it.

  6. 7 April 2014

    Jeremy Richards said:

    If, (by Skypath’s latest own figures) we can expect 781,000 trips in the first year, rising to 2,100,000 in the future, the daily average number of trips on opening is over 2,000 with estimates for weekends at greater than 5,000 trips per day.

    The numbers keep changing, however if 39% of visitors are projected to drive to entry points, the local residents of Northcote Point and St Mary’s Bay may expect the arrival of more cars than can physically park on local streets – and that is disregarding all the local cars than park there now.

    By projecting these figures you are trying to sell the project as a financial success but the cost to locals will be impossible to bear. Call it nimbyism if you like but Northcote Point was ripped apart in the 1950s by the bridge and if the proposed landings of Skypath are implemented, this city, its Councillors and the supporters of Skypath will repeat history and have learned nothing about trying to repair the damage to this community.

    You speak of Stokes Point as if it is yours to do what you like with. Well it isn’t and I say you are behaving with consummate arrogance. If the Skypath must be built, the northern landing should be at Akoranga transport interchange. Leave Northcote Point alone.

  7. 8 April 2014

    Sarah Sparrow said:

    Unfortunately I will not be able to make the consultation, but want to say that as a resident of Northcote Point I fully support the Sky Path – it cannot come soon enough. Many of the objections regarding access seem a bit dubious to me. As a regular ferry user from Northcote Point I do not agree that parking is an issue. I catch the ferry at peak times and parking is not oversubscribed – there always seem to be plenty of spare parks. A regards queues on Queen Street, I would hope to see these lessen as more commuters take to their bikes rather than cars! Many of my friends on Northcote Point or in Northcote also support Sky Path. Please don’t consider objections of the residents association ( if any) as representative of the views of all residents. Bring on the Sky Path!

  8. 8 April 2014

    Karsten said:

    I wholeheartedly support SkyPath. Currently Northcote Point is destroyed by the amount of cars that pass through the Onewa Rd interchange, including noise, pollution, disruption and stress. Some of these cars will disappear as trips are made by bike. I currently use my car to get across the bridge, only to park on the other side and ride my bike to work from there. With Skypath my car wouldn’t have to go over the bridge anymore. I could ride my bike all the way.

    Access points should be aplenty so people can access from multiple points spreading any local loading of streets. The cycleways need to continue into the Northern suburbs starting with Northcote, Birkenhead, Takapuna and Devonport in a safe and convenient manner so the need of commuting to the access points by car becomes a non-issue.

    Bring on Skypath. Get people out of their cars and you get safer communities and happier faces.

  9. 8 April 2014

    Sarah Sparrow said:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the consultation, but just wanted to say that as a Northcote Point resident I’m fully supportive of the Sky Path. It can’t happen soon enough.

    I’m a regular user of the ferry service from Northcote Point and either walk or drive to the ferry terminal. I have never encountered a shortage of parks, in fact there always seem to be plenty spare at rush hour when I catch the ferry. I would also expect that opening up the bridge to pedestrians and cyclists should reduce traffic congestion on Queen Street as hopefully more people switch from cars to bikes.

    I know many other Northcote Point and Northcote residents who are supportive of this project. Please don’t assume that negative feedback coming from some Northcote Point residents and residents associations represents the views of the majority. Bring on the Sky Path!

  10. 9 April 2014

    Graeme Hope said:

    Tight 90 & 180 degree bends at the entry & exists should be avoided if possible. Cyclists are much happier with a short, very steep section, rather than lesser sloped U / hairpin / S bends. If these bends cannot be avoided, they must have very good wet weather skid resistance and suitable camber. Do not include deliberate width constrictions or humps n’ bumps. In other words, design a proper, safe cycling path and do not adopt traditional, council (off & on) road design stupidity in this matter.

  11. 10 April 2014

    Graeme Hope said:

    What is a “mobility landing every 12.1 metres”? Surely a keep left rule will be imposed (for both walkers and cyclists) and there will separately marked north and south bound lanes? I assume wheelchair access is required. This can be provided at the “landings” either by a separate 1 WC width zig- zag ramp or a dedicated lift. This allows a steeper, but straight approach (therefore safer) for the majority cyclist users.

  12. 11 April 2014

    Andy Smith said:

    A mobility landing is a level area where you would rest in your wheelchair.

  13. 11 April 2014

    Snow Flake said:

    I recall at one stage there was a plan to charge extra for people who want to use the observation platforms, however looking at the images there is no separation between the path and the observation bays and so it would appear there is no restriction on what people have paid for. Does this mean that the bays are available for everyone for the base entry fare? I’d say this is more ideal as anyone who doesn’t want to pay for the observation deck would just stand in the middle of the path blocking it.

  14. 13 April 2014

    Robin K said:

    Great to see that progress is being made with cycle and walking access to the bridge.
    When we use the waterfront cycleway, it’s apparent that shared cycle paths need to encourage users to observe some courtesies – eg keep to the left when approaching other walkers or cyclists coming the other way; warning other walkers/cyclists when overtaking (if you dont have a bell click your brake levers or say Excuse Me).

  15. 13 April 2014

    Americo dos Santos said:

    I fully support the development of Skypath as an Auckland amenity.
    I other great cities have pedestrian and cyclist access across major bridges and Auckland needs to catch up. I have walked across the Sydney harbour bridge a number of times and have always found it well patronised.
    As an Albany resident I suggest that consideration be given to extending the lead up to the Skypath as far north as possible to allow safe cycling access to residents further north.
    In addition it would be beneficial to demarcate pedestrian and cycling lanes to avoid unnecessary clashes.
    Bring it on,

  16. 17 April 2014

    Graeme Hope said:

    Skypath design is dangerous for 3 reasons; no keep left rule, no directional lanes and the u bends at each end of the bridge. This doesnt encourage commuting cycling. I have cycled on a dual use path for more than ten years and although I have only had one head on collision, I have had a great many near misses (there are no lane markings and no keep left rule). I assume dogs will be banned. I dont live in Ak so this unsafe design isnt going to be my problem.

  17. 22 April 2014

    Justin Barry-Walsh said:

    An outstanding idea, long overdue. The sooner it is in place the better.

  18. 24 April 2014

    Annalily said:

    Finally! This is what a great city needs, especially from a bicycling point of view. But please invest in a couple of litres of paint to visually separate the cyclists on their way to work from the selfie snapping tourists, to protect them both.

  19. 2 May 2014

    Mark Crooks said:

    Looks great, I hope its not just another talk-fest that will get thrown out by the next administration. This is long overdue!

  20. 14 May 2014

    David Geary said:

    Excellent idea! If done correctly, this will greatly reduce traffic congestion on the bridge, giving cyclists such as myself an alternate way of commuting every day over the bridge! Get rid of the tolls though, and paint some lines separating cyclists from pedestrians. Dogs should not be allowed.

  21. 20 May 2014

    Dave Winter said:

    Last night I met the owner of a property adjacent to the Northcote Point entry of the Skypath.
    I am concerned that he is either mistakenly, or deliberately, spreading misinformation about the proposed design, He insisted that the cycle access to Skypath is from the bottom of Queen St, via the “Upgraded access to ferry terminal” shown as a dotted green line on the “Proposed mitigation plan” He assured us that all cycles would have to use this route and would not exit the skypath under the bridge as shown in the design. He also assured us that the restricted vehicle access would involve barriers that would require the use of a keypad for him to access his property, and would prevent the access of emergency vehicles (fire, police and ambulance) and service vehicles.
    The AHB Skypath Trust needs to act to counter his misinformation, as he said that he has had recent meetings with the Mayor and other officials to object to the development of Skypath,

  22. 19 June 2014

    Janette Miller said:

    I am also resident of Northcote Point. I actually live on the Northcote Point and I live every day with the problems of this overcrowded heritage area and quite honestly I cannot see how this Skypath is going to function. I should like to be consulted not told.

    It seems for a small amount of cyclists this attractive heritage area is about to be sacrificed. Life may be better for them but it will not be better for the residents or anybody in the vicinity. The Onewa Rd problem which is one of the worst bottlenecks in NZ is about to get worse.

    This site gives the impression that residents of Northcote Point have been consulted. Well this one hasn’t. I have received nothing in the way of official notification yet this site sounds as if many of us are in favour. We are not! One or two yes but most of us NO! If this is pushed through without proper parking or exit provisions to Onewa Road it will be a disaster for everyone. Not all of us want or can ride a bike. My cyclist daughter and next door neighbour have both encountered life changing accidents while riding their bikes.

    The whole Skypath thing is a bit of a secret at the moment which is a bit scary when It means such an upheaval in our lives. Residents already put up with a lot, mainly lack of parking for facilities that really should not be in a residential area, like a 480 seater theatre, cafes, shops and restaurants, churches with no off street parking. A town planner would never, never allow this today but now we have to put up with a major station serving 5000 a day with no off street parking with no consultation! It is not acceptable to put it politely. I shall say it again there is no provision for off street parking already in Northcote Point for any of the facilities and it is only an anomaly that allows this to happen.

    Northcote Point is worth fighting for. When I bought here in 1975 it was unloved and yet slowly the residents have turned it into a beautiful and attractive place to live. We have not been greedy or selfish and at the moment Northcote Point is a delightful place to visit but there is a limit and a major station for thousands a day is not possible without altering the area forever.

    However I feel sure that common sense will prevail and this pie in the sky scheme which sounds OK on paper but is not practical without vast infrastructure on approaches and parking will be put on the shelf.

  23. 15 August 2014

    Doug said:

    A city that requires the use of a private motor vehicle to make a short journey is uncivilised.

    I hope this project comes to fruition, despite a government that shows little interest in anything other than roads. Omitting pedestrian access from the harbour bridge in the first place was bad mistake.

    To local residents who are worried about the impacts of increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic the experience in many cities is that is has been good for local business and improved the general amenity of the neighbourhood. You can find examples throughout Europe. American cities, such as New York, are now catching on to the fact the cities are for people, not motor vehicles. Here in Sydney it is estimated that property values have been boosted over 10% by cycleways. That’s because the areas in question have become a much more pleasant place to be and are not so overwhelmed by motor vehicles.

  24. 31 August 2014

    Matt said:

    I am a Northcote resident (not Northcote Point) and overall I am a supporter of skypath. Only because I believe like many, it is ridiculous that currently the only way over the Harbour bridge is by motor vehicle. Is there any plan to incorporate the pedestrian bridge that currently goes no where at the end of Exmouth Road? The one that goes over the motorway and appears to have been a fantastic waste of public money. What a shame it won’t be open 24 hours. This makes the project almost laughable and the reason I will never use it. Is there really no way to divert people away from the concerned northcote point residents? One would think with a Police base right next door crime would not be a major issue. Can skypath security and the HB Police base not just share information on the issue of “loiterers” or is that idea to visionary. On the issue of parking, can Northcote Point residents be isseued with parking permits so they can park for free on there own street? Seems fair to me. And also for people driving to the Skypath entry points so they can then walk or cycle over the bridge. What a joke, infrastructure seriously needs improving. It’s a shame this is not an election issue. But I suppose it won’t make John Key or any other party leader any petrol tax money.

  25. 2 September 2014

    David Holton said:

    I’m a also Northcote Point resident, and love the Skypath idea – ever been to London, San Francisco or Sydney? However, the potentially disastrous issues around traffic congestion and carparking must be addressed properly. Simple solutions: 1. Dispense with the Auckland Council’s proposed cycleway up Queen St and instead adopt the plan suggested by Forest & Bird Society, see and search for Naturepath. (I’m not a member by the way, just got their brochure in my mailbox). 2. Run a shuttle bus (like the “Ferry Feeder”) for those who want to walk over the bridge – otherwise JUST CYCLE!! Local residents will have a sticker and can park free, long term if needed, much like they do in central city apartment areas. Visitors will pay for parking, with a limit of say 2 hours – this will keep movie patrons happy, but if people want a day in town they should cycle or use the shuttle. One of the reasons I like living on Northcote Point is the convenience, being minutes from CBD or anywhere on the Shore. This could be completely wrecked if the projected additional traffic flows (already bad at peak times) and carpark problems become reality. I’m about to embark on a very expensive rebuild and expansion of my house so am also naturally very concerned about property values.

  26. 17 January 2015

    Geoff Taylor said:

    Fully agree with comments here from both Janette Miller and Jeremy Richard, so no need to repeat the very sensible and sound reasons they have given. This project can only bring heaps more traffic and demand for parking and that, above anything else is sufficient reason to reject it. I cannot believe that locals can be so easily duped.

  27. 19 January 2015

    Kit Wong said:

    Strongly support the Skypath idea.

  28. 20 January 2015

    Simon Brotherton said:

    This is a great concept which I support strongly. Improving methods of transport over the harbour, particularly non-gas guzzling options, is long overdue. There are of course going to be slight differences of opinion in terms of design, access etc etc but this should not be allowed to stop the progress of what is overall a fantastic idea.

  29. 30 January 2015

    Paul Blackwood said:

    What a fantastic asset to the city. The kids and I can’t wait to get out of the car and use bikes between the city and shore. Brilliant.

  30. 31 July 2015

    Hamish said:

    Can’t wait for this.

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