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The status of SkyPath is provided on Auckland Council’s SkyPath Project page.

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56 Responses to “Current Status”

  1. 26 June 2013

    Johannes Larsen said:

    Hi. When can I expect to be able to use the Skypath? There seems to be a lot of talk and no action. Kind regards. Johannes

  2. 28 June 2013

    Andy Smith said:

    The council officers are working on finding a way for the Council to support the Skypath. More news soon.

  3. 3 July 2013

    Bevan Woodward said:

    Council’s project plan should be finalised in the next few weeks.

  4. 18 July 2013

    Simon McGrath said:

    The design doesn’t look like there has much weather protection available, has this been thought of?

  5. 12 September 2013

    Nathan said:

    Hi there, any further updates on the project? Entry dated 3/7 suggested a project plan would finalised…would this include funding? cheers Nathan

  6. 14 January 2014

    Johannes Larsen said:

    And where are we at now. Is this project ever going to happen? Regards. Johannes

  7. 21 January 2014

    Andy Smith said:

    See the In the Media tab for updates.

  8. 16 January 2014

    Ian Ferguson said:

    Be interested to know what the timeline is on this project. I was 4 years old when my parents took me across on the opening of the bridge. When it became part of State Highway 1 you would have thought that everyone would have access to cross the bridge with or without fossil fuel power. Understand there are a lot of parties involved but this is a major city with an international airport and the longer this project takes the sillier we look.

  9. 18 February 2014

    Johannes Larsen said:

    Len Brown’s statement today: “SkyPath to be a game changer” is all very good. Several writers on this blog have asked for a time frame. Are someone going to answer that question? Brown did not mention any start, not to talk about finishing time of this brilliant project!

  10. 9 March 2014

    Jonathan Mower said:

    The last time this project was mentioned in the media, there was mention of conflict with one of the Westhaven boat groups over their demands for ground rent for the city landing site of the Skywalk. Has this issue been resolved?

  11. 5 April 2014

    Rachael Nicholson said:

    I think the Skypath will be one of the best things to happen to Auckland. I’ve lived abroad for over 8 years, and still struggle with the fact there isn’t any pedistrian or cycling capability across the bridge. It can’t happen soon enough – I can’t wait! Keep up the good work..

  12. 10 April 2014

    Matt Hancock said:

    I think the frustration some of you are feeling towards the timing of this project need to direct your frustration elsewhere, not here. Andy,Bevan and the Skypath team are doing an awesome job, without them it wouldn’t even exist. They are not the ones holding things up and these projects do take time!

  13. 4 June 2014

    cushla barfoot said:

    I am a Northcote resident in full support of the Skypath and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t realise how beneficial this would be for our city. I currently get the bus to work in the CBD and look forward to having the option of being able to cycle to work while enjoying the fresh sea air and wonderful views from the Harbour Bridge. What a way to wake up!

    Thanks for your passion and vision to make this a reality

  14. 26 June 2014

    Dayna said:

    I am also a Northcote resident and am in huge support of this. An alternative transport option across the bridge is long overdue – and one that is beneficial to the health of Aucklanders and has minimal impact on the environment is a fantastic solution.

    I understand the need for the route to generate income, however I feel that a rate of $2 is too high – this is more than a single stage bus fare, and surely it should be cheaper to travel by your own steam than on a polluting bus. A lower fee would increase usage and not substantially decrease revenue. Raise taxes on road users if you require extra funding. Aucklanders need and deserve a truly cheap, healthy and safe commuting option.

  15. 2 July 2014

    ahedk said:

    Huge support for this project – not just for the civic benefits but also the opportunity to translate our Kiwi boat building expertise into becoming a leading player in large composite structures. The potential is so massive that we can’t let a handful of submission-happy cumudgeons stop or slow this.

  16. 31 July 2014

    Halim hassouna said:

    Can’t wait to see the Skypath real and active … I love Auckland.

  17. 28 August 2014

    Robert Vruink said:

    I fully support the skypath, it will be great for the city. I can already imagine the tourists coming over from the city to enjoy a drink at the historic Northcote tavern before returning on the ferry. I am not convinced however that it will be a major commuter pathway, apart from a few diehards cyclists I suspect that the distance is too far to walk to work. Unfortunately this is not the view of AT who are hell bent on removing half the available parking along Queen street in order to provide a cycle lanes down what is already a narrow road leaving no parking for people wishing to walk the path from the northern end. The Nature-path northern link to the skypath being promoted by the Forest and Bird organization is a much better option.

  18. 31 August 2014

    Andrew Nixon said:

    I totally agree with Robert Vruink’s comments. Surely it would make more sense to apply the funds allocated to the cycleway on Queen St, to the Seapath option. Further, IF the cycle traffic on Queen St becomes significant, we are going to have major traffic issues at the lights on the corner of Queen St & Onewa Rd & then the corner of Onewa Road & Lake Rd. I much prefer the cycle options put forward in the Naturepath proposal. Why can’t the council get on board with that project.

  19. 30 September 2014

    Johannes Larsen said:

    It seem most people on this blog are in favour of the SkyPath. Can anyone please in a few words explain where the project is at? There seems to be a lot of good intentions but no action.

  20. 5 November 2014

    duncan paul said:

    Is this project getting any traction at all? everyone I know thinks its a great idea, is the council just stalling it? would love to hear its getting some go forward.

  21. 11 November 2014

    Greg N said:

    This is a lot like a swan swimming on the water – a lot of underwater activity is happening but not much showing on the surface.

    The consent application is lodged with the Council, and is undergoing resource consent processing.
    [A lot of reports are needed for the various parts of the RMA before a decision is made by them on whether it is to be notified (public consultation) or not].

    Skypath have requested a public notification process so that everyone can have their say (including residents).
    It is hoped to have the application notified (so public input can be called for) by late this year or early 2015.
    The timing is all in the councils court at this stage.

  22. 22 December 2014

    Craig L said:

    I love the idea. I used to cycle over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back every working day and it was a highlight of my day. And I would pay for the privilege.

    My question is, will the bridge take the weight, and will it affect its working life? This is under a clip-on, right? A clip-on, to a clip-on. I remember them being in an almost constant state of repair for years on end due to structural cracks.

  23. 2 February 2015

    Andrew P said:

    This project and the connecting Sea Path has the power to transform travel to and from the North Shore. Lets get it done. Thanks to all the hard work going on in behind the scenes from the Sky Path Team!

  24. 3 June 2015

    HM Yong said:

    This looks like an awesome project. I look forward to its grand opening, hopefully not too far away. I can imagine how breathtaking the view will be 🙂 Cheers.

  25. 20 October 2015

    Maurice said:

    If this does eventually happen it will change northcote points quite neighbourhoods. So as an incentive to northcote point how bout Auckland transport sink a bit of money into re pathing roads and footpaths in northcote point and putting powerlines underground and landscaping ? Just a suggestion

  26. 28 November 2015

    Patrick said:

    Speeds will have to be rigidly controlled and probably cyclist reduced to walking only

  27. 17 January 2016

    Drew said:

    Or, as in NYC, the cycle lane and pedestrian lanes on bridges are seperated

  28. 2 March 2016

    andrew Payne said:

    I recall talking to my 10 year old that council and Government is looking at a pathway accross the bridge for foot traffic and Cycles, well my daughter is now 20. Why does it take so long for this country to path their way to make a decision. By the time our councillors and Mayor (whoever he/she) may be my daughters kids will be 20.

  29. 2 March 2016

    Andy Smith said:

    We are in the Environment Court as the neighbours have appealed the decision to go ahead and build it. If we get approval its only 2 years away.

  30. 8 March 2016

    Caleb Brewerton said:

    Any update? I thought the court assisted mediation was supposed to be finished by Feb 2016. I’m keen to give cycling to work across the bridge a go.

  31. 12 April 2016

    Oliver said:

    Awesome idea guys! I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this.. Perhaps you need a fresh PR push to get the momentum back on your side and put a bit of pressure on the opposition?

  32. 15 April 2016

    Tej said:

    I stay at Meadowbank and work at Lake road- North Shore. I have to change Three Bus’s to reach there (aprox 1 hour) or drive over an hour. Eagerly waiting to cross over on a bicycle to save time to breathe some fresh air over fumes.

  33. 18 April 2016

    Jo said:

    I think the Skypath is a great idea and can’t wait to see it start being built, just a thought would they ever close a lane for bikes even if it’s for one day, like on the Bike to Work day by Bike Wise would be great publicity and to keep this plan in the spotlight. Another thing I’m not sure why we don’t see it here is to have buses with bike racks? I remember seeing this in a city and think it a great idea, bike to the bus go over the bridge and carry on cycling, I would say this is a great option in the interim until the sky path is built.

  34. 30 April 2016

    WinStan said:

    The delay in the project is ridiculous, conditional resource consent was granted – 11,586 submissions received of which 168 were in opposition! This should be the end of the story when clearly support is overwhelming.

    I hate to state the obvious but it is complete rubbish that the (extreme) minority are being allowed to hold this project up.

    Auckland desperately needs it, the traffic is horrendous not to mention the other numerous benefits. This project would be a catalyst to increased use of public transport/cycling and walking. Whatever happened to the concept of the greater good.

    Complete PC red tape rubbish which allows (likely) wealthy northcote property owners to delay a worthwhile project which will benefit the majority; all in the name of protecting their way of life and more to the point, property values.

  35. 5 May 2016

    rachel said:

    I live on the North shore and I cant wait to be able to walk or cycle over the bridge.
    I am so sick of the NIMBY’s ( a minority group) having so much power over this decision.

  36. 11 May 2016

    Richard Ferguson said:

    How’s progress team? New Zealanders, tourists, cyclists, residents and visitors are all looking forward to getting on with it. Having cycled the San Francisco foreshore across the bridge to Sausalito we can vouch for the enjoyment of exploring a city by bike. I’m eagerly anticipating cycling daily to and from the city, as are many others. This is good for the whole of NZ so please don’t let a bunch of naysaying reluctants slow this down any more. Cheers, wishing the team fast progress

  37. 15 May 2016

    dion allott said:

    I really don’t know where to start with this idea. But I know I am definitely not in favour.

    I cannot think or even justify that people will start making this change.
    are you going to start biking to the enclosed terminal – then working for 8 hours (average) and then biking home again. (plus paying the $3 to use the sky path)… don’t disregard this actually think about it and work it out.

    Say you were to do this how long would your travel time be if you biked to work?
    Are you going to get up earlier to bike to work?
    How do you carry your workload and laptop ? etc etc….
    How long would it take you to even bike to the sky path from your residence?
    and are you willing to cycle on the road or footpath where there are so many “aware and conscious” drivers on our roads in the morning?

    Or the alternative is even worse, people will still be driving and parking their car semi close, then biking then work then bike than driving home.
    so if you were to use the sky path would you be leaving your car at home?

    This whole plan is a dream of impracticality and waste of precious time and money. there are still many unasked questions and no actual figures on who, when or how people would use the path.

  38. 28 May 2016

    Drew said:

    I’d use it, I ride from Ellerslie to Wairau Valley everyday, catch the ferry every morning and ride round the top on the way home. I do it for exercise, my low tolerance for sitting in traffic and also because I’m doing my bit sustainability.
    I can imagine the Skypath being very popular, although I agree that the $3 for commuters should be reviewed, it diminishes the incentive to get out of the traffic and ride a bike.

  39. 28 May 2016

    mark said:

    I would definitely use it. I cycled further in Melbourne to work. There are already people cycling at the moment but the ferry ride makes it a very slow option.

  40. 31 May 2016

    Barry said:

    Hi Dion,
    Cycling or walking as an alternative will always be a minority exercise. Currently I ride 2-3 times a week from Greenhithe via the NW Motorway (28km) which is at least an hour each way, and I love it. I’ll likely love it even more when I only have to ride 19km and do it more often.
    An effective transport network needs to offer multiple alternatives because not every mode suits every commuter. For example, you not living near a bus stop doesn’t negate the effectiveness of the bus network, and someone living to far to cycle or having a low threshold for exercise doesn’t negate cycling. Also note that e-bikes are very rapidly getting better and cheaper, so that also factors into it.
    And thanks for noting that the toll will be a disincentive – I think everyone acknowledges that but it’s a necessary evil to get the project across the line. Hopefully a funding authority will come to the rescue and zero-rate the tolls at some point.

  41. 2 June 2016

    Sara said:

    It’s a shame that a minority group is making it so difficult for the rest of north shore residents who would use the skypath in a heartbeat.

  42. 24 June 2016

    Stevo said:

    As I sit on esmonde rd. Still at the top after 15mins on a Friday-which typically flows better. If seapath were here I would have hit sky path by now and be at work in 5.
    These improvements are taking far too long. The council and government need to step in and use their collective powers to push through. Higher priority now given road taxes are coming

  43. 14 August 2016

    Fay Freeman said:

    I am looking forward to supporting Skypath as a Councillor representing the North Shore area. This is a critical piece of infrastructure that will make the trip to Auckland from the North Shore much more enjoyable.

    Build it and people will come has been a catchcry for many projects. A great example this morning with the opening of the Playground at Takapuna with literally thousands of families joining in the fun.

    I am absolutely confident that Skypath will have the same impact – build it and they will come in their thousands.

  44. 8 July 2017

    Alistair Ross said:

    Why is it that relatively small but very good projects like this take years and years to progress? NZ has got to change it’ construction and planning procedures. It really is a mockery that a cycleway can take longer than the construction of the channel tunnel? that was 25 miles long!
    No more talk just start!

  45. 10 August 2017

    Jon said:

    Just build it already!

  46. 31 August 2017

    Kerala said:

    Construction of the Skypath connecting to the Seapath is paramount, to remove residential traffic chaos on the Shore. Get on build it, everyone’s paid Tax to enjoy access to fresh air, exercise and getting out of the car which should be a pleasure, not a cost.!!

  47. 13 September 2017

    Hardy Love Cycling said:

    Hopefully, somebody in our local government or central government have a gut to get this project going. We all know the benefit of this awesome SkyPath, yet no body can push this project forward quickly. Sorry I have to say that It feels like we live in 3rd world country as a project is moving so slow… Please wake up!!

  48. 2 October 2017

    Geordie said:

    We want sky path, non tolled and government funded. From a Birkenhead Point resident, we want it asap.

  49. 17 November 2017

    Adele said:

    Shall we just begin protest biking over the bridge!? Now they are extending the T3 to not finish until 10am FFS! IF we could use the bus lanes and then one side of a clip on to ride to the Shelly Beach Off Ramp the commute would be a dream! When is the Skypath supposed to start – can’t find any firm dates?

  50. 19 December 2017

    Jon said:

    I can’t believe we’re still talking about this. Just build it already.

  51. 20 December 2017

    Drew said:

    Theres no Skypath Project page on Auckland Transport’s website hence the link to check the status of the path is a dud. While I’m complaining, if resource consent was given this time last year, why have thete been no developments in the last twelve months? Are people getting paid in the meantime? What are they doing? Seems like a culture of incompetence is the reason the path hasn’t been built. It’s been a joke since 2013

  52. 20 January 2018

    Clint Epps said:

    This is joke, look how old some of these comments are. This ain’t happening – ever.

  53. 24 February 2018

    Greg said:

    Ongoing updates are required to keep people’s interest in getting this project done. My household alone will have 3 people biking into the city each day instead of driving at various times helping to slow down traffic. Who’s banging on the governments door to follow up with their promise of $$$ to fund this? Nice to see some cycleways being built through my area in Northcote but it’s pointless without the link over the bridge. Please update this page with what is being done.

  54. 15 March 2018

    Jonathan Roe said:

    Please divert the funds from the America’s Cup glory project to Skypath and Seapath, and get them built.

  55. 7 February 2019

    T said:

    Tick Tock

  56. 5 March 2019

    Mark Airoldi said:

    Question,? Why are we being kept in the dark? Promises,promises.
    It is beyond rediculous how long this project is taking. Come on Auckland there is more to life than America’s Cup and other crazy venues that cost so much. What about us for that actually live here and pay taxes??????

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