NZTA’s Position: blocking SkyPath after having approved it…

NZTA Board Paper 16/10/1053 that outlines NZTA’s collaboration on SkyPath before NZTA;s new management blocked SkyPath’s progress.

NZTA have reviewed and approved SkyPath multiple times, including detailed analysis by their engineers, approval by NZTA’s Value Assurance Committee and Budget Management Committee quality control processes and in NZTA Board paper 16/10/1053.

Unfortunately, NZTA’s new Chair Michael Stiassny and interim CEO Mark Ratcliffe (he started in January 2019 after the previous CEO suddenly left) have blocked progress. They are rejecting the certainty of opening SkyPath and opting instead for years of delay, costs and approvals of an unknown “could be possible” design.

Thankfully Mr Stiassny recently moved on, but in his short time with NZTA he got rid of a number of NZTA Board members who were supporters of SkyPath.

Initially Mr Stiassny and Mr Ratcliffe claimed they did not know about the SkyPath design and complained they could not review it because our consultants wouldn’t hand over their design IP free of charge. But of course NZTA knows SkyPath, as evidenced by this extract from
NZTA Board paper 16/10/1053 :

We provided material to NZTA’s new Chair Michael Stiassny that proved their claims were grossly incorrect because in reality:


As a result of this material, Mr Stiassny then ordered an “independent investigation” by Simpson Grierson to:

The investigation will examine whether the Transport Agency, through its employees or representatives, entered into any commercial arrangements with the SkyPath Trust, whether the Transport Agency, through its employees or representatives, promised or created an expectation that it would procure services from the Trust where it would be involved in designing, building or operating the walking and cycling crossing of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, and whether Transport Agency employees or representatives have acted in a way that undermines the reputation of the Agency.

Media release on the afternoon of March 15, 2019
by NZTA’s Chair Michael Stiassny (recently moved on)

SkyPath Trust made this unsolicited submission (with attached supporting material) to the investigation which outlines how NZTA has acted in bad faith in order to use SkyPath Trust’s IP on an unauthorised basis.

The investigation’s report has been provided to the NZTA Board. We have written to NZTA’s new interim Chair (Nick Rogers) requesting the findings and asked whether he is willing to meet with as recommended by the Government.

2 Responses to “NZTA’s Position: blocking SkyPath after having approved it…”

  1. 10 July 2013

    Tina said:

    As a St Marys Bay resident I would like to endorse this wonderful iniatiative and congratulate those who have the foresight to push this through.
    The St Marys Bay Residents Association is only representing a very small group of residents (ie themselves) when they are opposing this and no consultation has been made with any resident so rest assurred there are many supporters in this suburb.
    All the best. T

  2. 1 July 2016

    Greg Smith said:

    Looking at current congestion all day and lack of congestion at night, it would not add much to traffic woes to just remove a single lane and make this available to N-S bicycle and pedestrian traffic with very little modification (removable post barriers and fence openings at each end onto existing walkway/cycleways).
    Other cities have taken this brave move and never looked back. Short term pain, long term gain.

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