The SeaPath

“SeaPath” – the link from SkyPath to Takapuna

During our consultation phase in 2012 – 2013, the Northcote Residents Association advised SkyPath shouldn’t proceed until we had a walking & cycling network link  to Takapuna (see page 2 of the NRA submission). Good idea we thought – so we developed the link, called it “SeaPath” and provided our SeaPath report to NZTA and AT.  NZTA subsequently commissioned further investigation and published its preferred route for SeaPath.

Not only does SeaPath provide an important link from SkyPath to Takapuna, it also integrates with the many other walking and cycling projects planned for Auckland – see this Walking & Cycling Network Integration map provided by NZTA, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.


Walking and cycling access around the Waitematā Harbour was promoted by Waterfront Auckland as the “Waitematā Harbour Loop”:

Waitemata Harbour Loop

To form the Waitematā Harbour Loop, SkyPath connects:

  • to the south at Westhaven marina, where Waterfront Auckland is building a walking and cycling promenade to connect via Wynyard Quarter to the CBD and Tamaki Drive.
  • to the north at Northcote Point to a new proposed path connecting Shoal Bay and Takapuna/East Coast Bays called “SeaPath”

“SeaPath” as part of the Waitematā Harbour Loop

SeaPath will provide a safe and pleasant connection between SkyPath on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Shoal Bay/Takapuna. Its importance is not affected by a further harbour crossing and will only be enhanced as the city and North Shore’s population intensifies.

SeaPath will provide improved commuter and recreational access from SkyPath to key North Shore destinations, such as Takapuna, Northcote and Milford and would connect to the walking and cycling access incorporated in the future Shoal Bay restoration as proposed by Reset Urban Design.

An existing path along the eastern side of the motorway runs north to the pedestrian tunnel at Tennyson Road. Local roads such as Queen St, Lake Rd and Esmonde Rd provide access north.

SeaPath CAD diagram

The design of SeaPath utilises the inner and outer barriers as trusses to span the 18 metres between the concrete abutments and support the shared path.

In April 2019, NZTA issued this tender document for the detailed design and consenting of SeaPath.

13 Responses to “The SeaPath”

  1. 16 May 2013

    eyeonauckland » Bulletin said:

    […] Council supports SkyPath: Last week Council’s Strategy & Finance Committee voted to support Len Brown’s recommendation for Council staff to advance their work on SkyPath’s funding and delivery arrangements.  This will then come back to Council for their consideration which if positive would enable SkyPath to be implemented. The only Councillors consistently opposed to SkyPath are George Wood, Cameron Brewer and Sharon Stewart. Cost savings identified: Beca Infrastructure have further analysed the bridge strengthening works required for SkyPath and, through an innovative solution, have significantly reduced the complexity and costs of this work.  NZTA will now consider their financial contribution to these strengthening works. The updated cost estimate (before NZTA’s contribution) is $30.5 million, this includes the landings at each end, special night lighting, security measures, observation decks and a contingency of $4 million. Updated business case: Auckland Transport has worked with Ernst & Young to update their business case.  The low use/low growth patronage scenario now shows an overall surplus of circa $10 million.  We are awaiting their figures for the high use/high growth patronage scenario. Working with key stakeholders: We have been in dialogue with the various stakeholder groups as we work on the detail of SkyPath’s landings at each end, see here We have reviewed the Northcote Residents Association, St Marys Bay Association and Westhaven Marina Users Association’s submissions to Council which outlined why they are opposed to SkyPath.  We believe that each of their concerns are addressed or can be resolved to enable SkyPath to proceed. “SeaPath” to connect SkyPath to Takapuna: Northcote Residents Association were keen for us to provide a seamless connection through to Takapuna so that there would be far fewer people using the streets of Northcote Point.  Hence we developed “SeaPath” which is now with NZTA and Auckland Transport to develop, see here. […]

  2. 17 June 2013

    Exciting future for Walkways & Cycleways beyond the SkyPath | Louis' Outlook said:

    […] would be very winding and slow. This can be at least partially solved by a new development – the SeaPath, which has been developed by the trust and is being considered by […]

  3. 27 June 2013

    Paul Gillespie said:

    Why can’t the skypath design come off on the city side by connecting directly to the footpath near the bridge end of Shelly Beach Road leading up to the Pt Erin Baths? That way there would be no need to touch down on the Marina zone and thus avoid any fees. Paul.

  4. 3 July 2013

    Bevan Woodward said:

    Hi Paul, whilst we intend providing access up Shelly Beach Road (and Curran St), we do want Aucklanders to be able to enjoy the option of Westhaven walking & cycling promenade or Westhaven Drive for direct and flat access to the city.

    Regards… Bevan

  5. 7 August 2014

    Simon Raistrick said:

    Looks great – I hope there will also be a connection from the Skypath to Queen Street in Northcote.
    I also hope the bike path through onepoto (a great idea by the way) is seperated from the traffic as it goes through the car park as the car park section (i.e. the entire road in onepoto) is not suitable for bikes with reversing cars and kids everywhere.

  6. 18 August 2014

    Sue Mayhew said:

    There is already limited parking for locals in Northcote Point so any increase in traffic is highly undesirable and poorly researched. I sincerely hope there is no intention to use Stafford Park as a car park as this is the park used and enjoyed by all locals for many years. Can you please confirm that this is not in the radar ? Northcote Point has already had its share of disturbance when the harbour bridge went up!!!

  7. 24 August 2014

    Jez said:

    This is a small step in the right direction but more needs to be done to prevent Northcote Point (& Queen Street / Princes Street specifically) from being the ‘funnel’ that all the North Shore cycle traffic flows through. Its heritage status, cul-de-sac nature and local parking need to be preserved.
    Skypath, great concept that it is, really can’t be signed off in isolation, but requires an integrated transport links plan to be part of this.
    A bespoke cycle path continuing from sea-path along the side of Shoal Bay to Esmonde/Takapuna and (eventually)beyond would be a game-changing transport link that would be a win-win-win for cyclists, commuters & local residents. I believe this path is on AT’s long term vision, but this must be built at the same time as skypath. This extended sea-path to Takapuna could have several access points along Shoal Bay making it both convenient for different communities and ‘sharing-the-load’ of the sky path traffic, avoiding it all funneling through Northcote Point. Access points such as Tennyson Rd Tunnel (current), Onepoto,/Onewa (a bespoke cyclelink required here that utilizes wasteland but is empathetic to local concerns); current footbridge at the Warehouse offices, off Akoranga Drive/Warehouse Way; and the biggest win of all a direct cycle path round to Esmonde Road for Takapuna cycle commuter traffic. Imagine how much benefit an increase in cycle traffic from Esmonde Road would have both on Sky path revenues and on reducing congestion at Esmonde city-bound on-ramp. What an amazing addition Aucklands walking/cycling experience it would be to add this waterside route with magnificent views of the city along its entire length.
    This would also reduce the pressure on parking at Princes/Queen Street, though additional parking on wasteland at the foot of Onewa Road would be ideal & the link to Esmonde would also access existing parking at Akoranga Station, which is hardly utilized at weekends when families would probably want to access it most. How do we get AT more engaged & this type of solution given more consideration AS PART OF THE SKYPATH CONSTRUCTION TIMELINE?

  8. 20 January 2015

    Tony said:

    Well said Jez,
    great comments and shows peripheral lateral thinking… The bigger picture needs to be seriously considered.. not just the skypath. A well designed seapath with many access points would help to prevent any parking problems in Northcote point. I had thought about what it might be like on New Years eve….or other fireworks displays…there could be traffic problems for Northcote Point on these occasions.

  9. 28 May 2015

    Michael said:

    Seapath must link through to Fred Thomas Drive – a great opportunity to commission an art bridge on a highly visible site!

  10. 15 May 2016

    dion allott said:

    I am all in favour and support what Jez is saying.
    it is the reality.

  11. 26 August 2017

    Marty said:

    Love the idea but needs to go one step further and have a cycle path the leads from it all to go along the entire motorway length. I live in Orewa and could see myself getting an electric bicycle to go to work in the city.

  12. 6 June 2018

    David Nicholas said:

    The Seapath appears to be running along the landward side of the Northern Motorway – why? Surely the better option is on the seaward side, allowing open views of the harbour and city. There are existing connections under the motorway to Northcote. At Fred Thomas drive or opposite Barrys Point Rd, the Seapath connects to a crossing over Esmonde Rd.

  13. 8 June 2018

    Andy Smith said:

    Please look at the NZTA website as its their project. There are birds on the seaward that don’t like getting disturbed.

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