The Skypath

SkyPath is a transformational project to provide a shared path along the city side of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. It will be an attractive, semi-enclosed facility that will appeal to recreational users and visitors as well as commuters.  Combined with ‘SeaPath’ to the north and the Westhaven Promenade to the south, SkyPath will link the communities of Auckland.

Conceived as an community initiative, SkyPath will be financed by private sector funding in partnership with Auckland Council, where users pay an entrance fee to fund the construction and operation of SkyPath.  At the conclusion of funding arrangement, SkyPath will be transferred into Auckland Council’s ownership.

Business Case

The SkyPath proposal was initiated and developed by the SkyPath Trust to provide a privately financed walking and cycling facility on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, funded through an admission fee. Private funding is required for the project due to lack of available funding from central and local government agencies. The NZ Transport …

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The SkyPath uses the leading marine technology composite material which is light and very strong in the form a series of U beams that clip onto the underside of the eastern edge of the bridge with a composite foam core deck. Horizontal composite rods are spaced out across the enclosure …

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SkyPath will connect to the Westhaven walking and cycling promenade which is being implemented by Waterfront Auckland in 2014. This provides safe, pleasant access for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists to the city via Wynyard Quarter. Northern Landings At Northcote Point we have designed the landing to spread the SkyPath user …

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The death of user pays… (or why we are committed to a toll-free SkyPath)

When we first developed SkyPath, the Government of the day said there was no way they would ever make such a significant investment in one project.  SkyPath would have taken the entire (paltry!) $30 million annual budget the Government allocated for walking and cycling across the entire country. So we …

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