SkyPath will connect to the Westhaven walking and cycling promenade which is being implemented by Waterfront Auckland in 2014. This provides safe, pleasant access for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists to the city via Wynyard Quarter.

Southern Landings

At Westhaven, we have worked with Waterfront Auckland for users numbers to be spread across four access points:

  1. Curran St
  2. Shelly Beach Road
  3. Westhaven Drive
  4. Westhaven walking & cycling promenade and connection to Wynyard Quarter
141202 View of Southern Landing
141202 06 View of Southern landing under AHB

Northern Landings

At Northcote Point we have designed the landing to spread the SkyPath user numbers across three access points as follows:

  1. A direct connection to the ferry/bus terminal at Queen St for tourists and recreational users
  2. Princes St access for local residents
  3. The “SeaPath” connection to Takapuna for commuters and recreational users from East Coast Bays (which we expect will be the majority of users).

Design for the Northern Landing

141202 17 Northern landing illustrative elevated view
141202 12 Northern Landing View looking NW

At the suggestion of the Northcote Residents association, SkyPath’s designers developed  “SeaPath” , a seamless connection between SkyPath and Takapuna.